Hi! I’m Nicole and I’m a meditation teacher, climate coach, and transformational activist. Oh, and a lawyer!

And I’ve felt it all — climate anxiety, climate depression, and such climate rage! In fact, I was in the depths of climate despair after the 2016 election when I started applying Buddhist, New Thought, and positive neuroplasticity tools specifically to my thoughts on climate.  I was studying Big History, complexity theory, and complex adaptive systems at the time, and they provided still another framework to understand and cope with the ecological emergency.

Suddenly, I began to see a bigger picture, to see the order in things, even in the chaos. I began feeling better, less paralyzed, more motivated. I came to understand that this global emergency is what is calling us to evolve, consciously and purposefully away from alienating consumer culture and toward compassionate connection within community, from separation to wholeness.

My goal as your climate coach is to help you make this same shift on a personal scale, and to equip you with the mental tools you’ll need to navigate all that is to come.

I can also support you as you transform your life to live in alignment with the reality of the ecological emergency. That might look like helping you figure out how you can focus your skills and talents on the planetary crisis, eat a more plant-based diet, or adopt a zero-waste lifestyle (or all of the above).

We were made for this moment. Let’s get to work.