Ready to turn eco-anxiety into effective action?

about Your Coach.

I’m Nicole, and I’m a planet-based lifestyle expert.

I am a longtime vegan, zero-waster, and strive to be a “fair-share consumer” — meaning I use only my share of the planet’s resources.

I am a meditation teacher, compassion advocate, and causal coach.

Oh yeah, and I’m a lawyer. Always interested in transformative change, I spent much of my legal career working to fix the criminal justice system.

In 2016, after receiving my “climate call,” I left a cushy corporate law firm job to work on climate full time.

I’ve created Gaia Lives to share with you all I know about living in alignment with the reality of the climate crisis.

Are you ready to let climate change you?

About Climate Coaching.

Climate coaching is for anyone reckoning with climate change and humans’ impact on the planet.

Feelings like eco-anxiety and depression can get in the way of the important work we’re here to do.

That’s why I teach meditation and cognitive techniques so we can process these difficult emotions and move from eco-anxiety to effective action.

Climate coaching invites us to explore our relationship with our planet, ourselves, and each other.

Global warming, ecological destruction, and systemic injustice are inextricably linked, and the world’s converging crises are an invitation to create a fair and just world.

And this requires inner and outer work. Climate coaching equips you for both.

It also provides a means to investigate our unique role in this evolutionary moment.