Worried about climate change?

Climate coaching can help.

About Climate Coaching.

Climate coaching is for anyone reckoning with climate change and humans’ impact on the planet.

Feelings like eco-anxiety and depression can get in the way of the important work we’re here to do.

That’s why climate coaching uses meditation and cognitive techniques so we can process these difficult emotions and change our climate mindset.

We also use our consumption habits as a means of exploring our relationship with ourselves and the planet.

And if you’re ready to go all in on climate, we can investigate your unique role in this evolutionary moment together as well.

about Me.

I’m Nicole, and I’ve been where you are.

In 2016, after receiving my “climate call,” I left a cushy corporate law firm job to work on climate full time.

I quickly found a nonprofit that could use my services. And yet, as a meditator, compassion advocate, and thought work enthusiast, what I noticed was missing was the coaching mindset.

As a planet-based lifestyle expert, I am a longtime vegan, zero-waster, and “fair-share consumer” — meaning I use only my share of the planet’s resources (according to the Ecological Footprint calculator).

Oh yeah, and I’m a lawyer. Always interested in transformative change, I spent much of my legal career working to fix the criminal justice system. 

Planet-based tips and tricks
plus tons of climate mindset and future focus
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