You've been yearning to create more of an impact.
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About Coaching.

You followed all the instructions.
You got the degrees, the job, all the trappings of a “successful” life. 
But you’re dying inside every time you find yourself stuck in another damn meeting,
Wasting your precious time on Earth making other people rich,
As they destroy the planet.
You are here for so much more — and you know it.
But maybe the how is less clear.
That’s where coaching comes in.
Coaching helps you get from where you are to where you want to be.
From behind that Zoom screen,
And all that doomscrolling,
To feeling motivated and
Doing the work you were meant to be doing,
Creating the change you are here to create.

about Your Coach.

I’m Nicole, and I’m a coach for the activist and the organizer, the nonprofit leader and the corporate changemaker, the revolutionary and the rebel especially if you’re any of these in the making.

That’s because I was you, longing to make an impact, to change our world for the better. I went to law school to effect change on a grand scale. I worked in criminal defense policy, at a startup climate nonprofit, and even at a corporate law firm. All the while, I was being trained for my current work, supporting changemakers. 

My work combines meditative, cognitive, and somatic techniques to break through patterns that keep you from creating the just, compassionate, and healed future we all want to see.
I believe we were all made for this (r)evolutionary moment and it’s time to get to work!