From Eco-Anxiety to Effective Action

From global warming to systemic injustice, our world needs us. But sometimes, emotions like anxiety, guilt, overwhelm, and burnout can keep us from getting our critical work done. 

In this four-week program, we will process feelings like eco-anxiety, fear, and grief and transform them into conscious, effective action. We will also explore your vision for the future and sketch out a plan for your role in getting us there. 

Daily mind training is a must at this pivotal point in human history, so I’ll support you as you create or strengthen a morning contemplative routine. I’ll also teach you practices you can use throughout the day to promote compassion and calm, and support you in transforming your lifestyle to reduce your environmental impact and become not just a fair-share consumer but an engaged global citizen. The program below reflects the general flow of our work together — it will be tailored to you!

You’ve heard the call. The world thanks you for answering it. 

Always remember, we were made for this moment! Now let’s get to work!

By the end of this course, you will 

  1. Create and strengthen your morning routine
  2. Understand and apply the co-creation model
  3. Envision 2030 and 2050 and develop a plan based on your vision
  4. Analyze and evaluate your career and lifestyle based on the planetary predicament


Session 1: Feelings

  • Understand the importance of our emotions 
  • Learn how to recognize and process our emotions with compassion 
  • Learn the blocks to processing emotions
  • Consider emotions we’d like to cultivate


Session 2: Thoughts

  • Learn the co-creation model
  • Understand brain science basics
  • Discover the power of thought and belief (guided exploration)
  • Learn how beliefs work


Session 3: Results

  • Understand our current results individually and collectively
  • Uncover our own and societal values/myths underlying the planetary predicament
  • Discover our vision for 2030 and 2050


Session 4: Actions

  • Analyze and evaluate your habits
  • Develop an action plan
  • Discuss planning methods

Are you ready to let climate change you?