Come Home to Yourself

Photo by Ugne Vasyliute on Unsplash


Podcast Show Notes

Title: Come Home to Yourself

Summary: Come home to yourself to heal the first wound at the core of our culture.

Topics Discussed

  • Coming home to ourselves is a way to heal the first wound of our culture.

  • Coming home is a practice, an art, and even a journey.

  • It can often proceed in a cyclical fashion, from the gross level to the more subtle levels.

  • We can deepen our art of homecoming through awareness.

  • Ultimately, coming home to ourselves leads us to the realization that we are, at our core, whole beings. 

  • Coming from Self energy, we meet the world as our core selves: calm, curious, compassionate, connected, clear, creative, courageous, and confident.

  • We can access our Self energy whenever we need it.


  • But the funny thing about this journey of homecoming is that you find out, spoiler alert, nothing is wrong with you. 

  • You are Life, you are Nature itself. Perfectly imperfect, your becoming — your remembering — is exactly the point.

  • Ultimately, we are coming home to loving awareness.

  • Remember, your self energy, your loving awareness, is as close as your breath. You can reach for it whenever you need it. You are, in truth, always home.


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