How to Move through Eco-Anxiety

Podcast Show Notes

Title: How to Move through Eco-Anxiety

Summary: In this episode, I share with you how I move through eco-anxiety and other difficult emotions to find equanimity and possibility on the other side.

  • We’ve been practicing becoming friends with our emotions by paying attention, pausing, and processing. 
  • Our emotions play an important evolutionary function.
  • Our emotions come from our thoughts!
  • That means we have the power to move through fear and anxiety to equanimity and possibility.
  • The process I use to move through eco-anxiety.



  • “13.8 billion years of evolution has brought us to this point, on the edge of space-time, right here, right now.” 
  • “The conditions already exist in the Universe for us to survive and thrive on this planet.”
  • “What if our current conditions are just right for the next phase of human evolution? As messy and scary and painful and chaotic as our current conditions may be. What if our current conditions are just right for your next phase of evolution?”




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