May 2020

Gratituesday: Miss Rosie

This Gratituesday I’m grateful for this little miss, my dog Rosie. She’s my best friend, my constant companion, my quarantine buddy. Last December she had a brush with death. Well, two actually. I’m thankful to the doctors who saved her life. I have so much love in my life because of this rambunctious, patient, silly pooch. What about you, dear reader, what you are you grateful for?

Gratituesday: Dear Mama

Good Tuesday morning, friends! In this, the first installment of Gratituesday — where I get to share about whatever I’m grateful for — we’re talking about mothers, and in particular, my mother. She’s the one who suggested that gratitude get its own day in my weekful of content. She’s the one who came up with the name (I had been thinking “Thanksgiving Thursday,” given my apparent affinity for alliteration :)).… Read More »Gratituesday: Dear Mama

Meditate Monday: Mindfulness

Good Monday morning, meditators! In this, the first installment of Meditate Monday — where I share quick and easy tips to gain some calm and clarity in your life — we’re going to start where many people start: mindfulness.  It’s a word that seems to be everywhere these days. But what does it actually mean? And where does it come from? Well, it turns out the definition of mindfulness depends… Read More »Meditate Monday: Mindfulness